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Our Story



The Beginning

Like most in-person operations, my coworking headquarters, OFFIX, took a significant hit during the 2020 pandemic. With most of the world suddenly working from home, I lost all OFFIX occupants. Then, on an afternoon in May, a local hairstylist approached me.

Stuck, building-less, and struggling, the stylist asked to service her clients in one of my empty office areas. Unlike my usual tenants, she couldn’t serve her clientele via Zoom; instead, she needed a safe in-person solution. With space to spare and a need for more occupants, I was happy to help, and in just a few days, we were on our way.

Watching this salon succeed gave me an expanded vision. I thought to myself, what if I took this same method and used it for other small businesses? I approached my team with the idea, and in a matter of weeks, we quickly converted the second floor of one of our OFFIX locations to accommodate the needs and requests of other small businesses. In the process, we created an inventive solution, aptly naming the new space MyStudio.


The Launch of MyStudio

The initial launch of MyStudio private office spaces revealed a unique need and demand for the in-person business owner. For successful growth, client experience is everything. Hairstylists, massage therapists, manicure artists, and everyday business owners who can’t perform their services on Zoom need space, but the basement at home will only take them so far. Now, MyStudio offers an affordable and effective solution. Unlike traditional coworking spaces that may struggle to continue with the popularity of remote work, MyStudio has endurance by serving high-touch, customer-focused markets.

MyStudio is an incubator for the Un-Zoom Industry. Owners get professional space that fits their exact needs, with utilities and amenities covered, plus the community, tools, and guidance to build their empire. From initial client booking to service delivery, MyStudio gives occupants the appearance that elevates their brand, with the flexibility to grow on their terms.


A Small Business Greenhouse

According to the Small Business Administration, over 600,000 new businesses start every year, and yet there is no specific market solution to accommodate them all. While traditional coworking spaces offer open rooms and creative dens to individuals, MyStudio provides private office spaces for small business owners.

MyStudio is comparable to a modern greenhouse; it’s a space for businesses to be nurtured, cultivated, and led to flourishing. Beyond just housing businesses, we are building a community full of sustainable and successful entities. In addition to providing an easy and low-risk commercial space, MyStudio offers access to marketing, advertising, and business management services. We don’t just want our businesses to survive; we want to see them thrive.


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